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Unveiling Ibom Ignite

IBOM IGNITE is a project of "The Gathering" to inspire the next generation of youths by igniting their passion through unfolding the limitless opportunities in our nation and helping them create tomorrow's future today. It is aimed at awakening the entrepreneurial spirit in our youths to the end that they may be self-sufficient and become employers of labour.

Our approach is to partner with global institutions, government agencies corporate bodies, religious groups and other public-spirited individuals to organize knowledge-based empowerment programmes such as seminars, camp meetings to change the negative mind set of our younger generation. One of such programmes is code named IGNITE.




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About Ibom Ignite 2023

The theme for this year's conference is "STRETCH" with the tagline My Story, My Business. It is an event designed for young and promising entrepreneurs to provide an inspiring and creative atmosphere. This event will challenge young entrepreneurs to push the boundaries of their own capabilities and think outside the box. Attendees will learn how to develop their own unique ideas and process information in creative ways. There will be workshops, panel discussions, and networking opportunities to help young entrepreneurs reach their goals.

This year's conference will also provide an atmosphere for collaborations, encouragement, and innovations, as well as resources and guidance to help attendees reach their goals. Great businessmen and women from all walks of life will be invited to speak to the youth on their personal stories and what it took them to move from comfort zone and thinking outside the box.

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Ibom Ignite 2023

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