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The most meaningful way to succeed is to help others succeed.

- Adam Grant

Business Grants

Do you have a creative business idea in mind but there are no funds to make it come alive? Here’s a great opportunity for you to consider.

We partner with relevant bodies to help young entrepreneurs with startup capitals, training, and mentorship programmes. These are exclusive offers given to you once your business has been registered with us, then you're eligible to apply for grants.

Here are the basic criteria you must consider;

1. Before registering, identify that your business aligns with our grants objectives.

2. Your business must meet the requirements such as business size, industry sector and our specific grant objectives.

3. Your business documentation must include business plans, financial statements, identification documents required in the grant application.

4. You must fill out the grant application form accurately and provide all the required details.

You can submit your application if you meet the requirements listed above. If you are eligible, the community will carefully review your submission before you get selected.

Some Beneficiaries & their Successes