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What is IGNITE all about?

Who is qualified to attend?

Basically all young people from 18 are admitted to enroll free for this programme. However, preference is given to those who really desire to make a difference in their respected fields of pursuit – business, academics, professionals, corporate executives, students and operators of SMEs.

Our policy does not discriminate on the basis of tribe, ethnicity, colour and social status. As long as you can sufficiently provide details as required in the registration form and submit it before the deadline, you details are automatically uploaded for the Ibom Ignite 2022 Confidence.

Is this a political event?

Ibom Ignite Conferences are apolitical. We are entrepreneurial focused group and are also giving out our wealth of resources, exposures and investments in business to Akwa Ibom State citizens in particular and Nigerians as a whole.

However, we have professionals in politics who have shown interest in partnering Ibom Ignite Conferences to rally youths for wealth creation. Such professionals primarily tell our participants that the best form of empowerment is information empowerment and have been making such relevant information, especially those that border of investment opportunities in the State; how to access loans or financial support for startups and how to grow and sustain your investments.

As our policy, we do not allow political campaigns, or any other interests to be promoted at Ibom Ignite Conferences. We stick strictly to the vision of the Convener of the Gathering and promote entrepreneurship culture, transparent public and private administration of investments; and not politics.

How do I register?

You can register by clicking HERE to fill the form.

Kindly fill the form with your correct details and click the submit button at the end to upload your registration information. Immediately, you will receive prompting that shows you that your registration was received and a follow up email will be sent to you from our secretariat.

How much do I need to pay to attend?

Registration is free. Ibom Ignite Conferences are all paid for. However, sponsors have also supported different aspects of the Conference, and also enjoy the benefits of exhibiting their products and services during the three (3) day Ibom Ignite 2022Conference.

I am not in Uyo, can I still participate?

Yes, you can participate from any part of the world. Several thousands of people will be joining us at the Ibom Ignite 2022 through live streams in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and live broadcast. Only 2000 registered participants will gain access into the venue of the event. We encourage you to immediately register to avoid traffic clot at the wee hours of the deadline. The registration portal is open; click register now button at the landing page of the site, fill and submit your details.

Who are the organizers of IGNITE conference?

Ibom Ignite Conferences are organized solely by The Gathering, a nonprofit organization registered to provide a platform for repositioning of youths through training and retraining of start-ups, young aspiring and enterprising people. The goal of The Gathering is to ensure that more youths are taken out of the streets by engaging them in job creation, in which entrepreneurship holds the ace.

To accomplish this goal, The Gathering in 2017 flagged off Ignite 2017 Conference that gathered thousands of youths, hundreds of professionals, scores of entrepreneurs and students for three days at Rehoboth Arena of Royalty Hotels and Recreations Limited, Eket, Akwa Ibom State.

The success of that particular year’s event was phenomenal. Manyparticipants have inundated us with testimonials of their wealth creation realities after the Ignite 2017 experience.. This syncs with the Convener, Pastor Umo Eno’s wealth creation vision for the State.

The Convener, having built an array of wealth through entrepreneurship, his conviction is that what he did as a private citizen, he now wants to replicate it through thousands of youths under the Ibom Ignite yearlyConference.

When and where is the next IGNITE conference holding?

Ibom Ignite Conference is an annual event of the Gathering, strategically held middle of every year either in September or October as part of the Convener’s contribution to the socio-economic development of Akwa Ibom State. It is timed to commemorate the State's anniversary.

The 2017 Ignite Conference was held at Rehoboth Arena of Royalty Hotels and Recreations Limited, Eket, Akwa Ibom State. The 2022 edition is at the prestigious Ibom Hall, Uyo.