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It only takes one person to mobilize a community and inspire change. Even if you don't feel like you have it in you, it's in you. You have to believe in yourself. People will see your vision and passion and follow you.

- Teyonah Parris

The Ibom Ignite Community

The Gathering is a private NGO dedicated to inspire, educate and support young entrepreneurs on their journey. The impact of this community is to provide resources, success stories, practical advice and a supportive community in partnership with relevant bodies to help aspiring youth entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality.

The impact of this community goes far beyond individual success stories but also key benefits such as;

Economic Growth; creating jobs, stimulating innovation, inject fresh ideas and solutions which spurs economic growth.

Job creation; Young entrepreneurs not only generate employment opportunities for themselves but also for others in their communities

Innovation/Problem Solving; We believe young entrepreneurs bring fresh thinking, creativity and willingness to the table.

Skill Development; Starting a business equips young people with valuable skills as leadership, decision-making, problem solving and resilience as they will be given great mentorship programs which will empower individual to thrive in an over changing world.

If you feel any of these objectives fall into your personal aspirations and goals, please follow the link below to begin your journey with us today!

How We Impact Youths and Entrepreneurs Around the World

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